Design Consultancy for



• Get an immediate result
• Test the potential of your concept without investing in code
• Boost your creativity and keep the good ideas
• Limit the risk level and be able to pivot your project if needed
• Maximize your return on investment
• Wow your investors or key stakeholders and get their buy-in

Questions I can help you answering to a better outcome:

How to be Design-Driven using Design Thinking, Lean and Agile more effectively inside your organisation?

How to get a team unstuck during an experiment or learning cycle​?

How to convert the insight gained from an experiment into data leadership will pay attention to?

How to plan and build a responsive, design-driven agile roadmap?

How to manage a team, or set of teams, working to implement build/measure/learn into their way of working?

How to think through increasing collaboration between product management, design and engineering?

How to structure a specific Design engagement?

Or any other topic you may have that’s keeping your team(s) from moving forward at their fullest potential?