I care about real problems, needs of the users and customers, the human experience, context, and meeting business goals.


Discovery & Strategy

We'll talk over your goals and requirements, developing your idea and validating it. I place special emphasis on getting this early stage right to ensure the best outcome at the end.

Getting started on the right track is essential. It gives you an opportunity to understand the opportunities and difficulties that lie ahead, and to establish how credible your idea really is.

Following this stage, you will have a much better idea about whether to invest in the full development of the project, and we'll have a clear path to follow to ensure you reach your goal.

Before you build a house, you design it and create the blueprints. The same is true with your digital products and services, which is why I always want to know the people that I'm building the experience for.

This stage involves constant interactions and the creation of scenarios based on the needs of your business and your user. Here, we design the product interface, define user journeys, create prototypes and test the usability to ensure nothing is taken for granted and every element is optimised.


Interact, Build, Test and Improve


Deliver what matters

Analysing the needs of the business and the end-user working out the goals of the product or service.

After the comprehensive process has been completed, I deliver the final product. This will be a product with optimised user experience and design, where all aspects of the user journey have been taken into account and where all points of friction have been eliminated. So now you can release it to the world with confidence.

The result is a finished product that provides the optimal experience for the business and users.

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