Design-Driven Culture & Design Capability

As part of the Digital Strategy & Innovation Leadership team, I was responsible to lead design operations and support the workforce in growing the Design-Driven Culture and prove capability by championing new ways of working, connecting our people with technology and capabilities to unlock sustainable value for Synergy.

The Challenge:

Silos, hierarchical organisational structure.. etc..

The Approach

Creating experiences based on people by holistic site facility research to understand and optimize the operating landscape. Through site visits and interviews with instrumentation groups across a number of industries, infrastructure types, and countries, the team uncovered unmet customer needs and workflow requirements. Essential then translated key opportunities into design and business requirements for a next generation portable flow meter platform.

The Solution??

Unlocking people's creative mind set to archive the company's purpose

The Impact

Faster processing, reduced error, and a simplified user experience.

Increased System Adoption

Increased Productivity

Increased System trust

The Custom Build Design Model

The Approach

First we went to understand and exploration of the ecosystem

My team were asked to design a new application for viewing reports and data from oil rig inspections for predictive analytics. Using a human centred design approach we conducted user interviews, stakeholder workshops (which then formed the basis for initial concepts), wireframes, and the look and feel of the product.

The data collected is then uploaded to inspection software that can measure defects and corrosion of assets. This information forms the basis for the report that can be exported and reviewed by the client’s internal engineers, in order to aid the decision making process of maintenance of assets.

To better understand the operating landscape of professionals involved, essential discovery research efforts in what Woodside has described as “the most involved voice of the user effort to date” for its flow products.

What people are saying?

The Solution

Collaborative Design and Prototyping

Worlds of working

Employee Location Tracking

SBU Interdependencies